5 Types of Videos Your Local Business Can Use

Video is still a medium that is largely over looked by local businesses.  The good news is that this means there is still a lot of opportunity for your business to create an advantage over your competition.

According to Social Media Today your customer base wants video:

  • 72% of consumer prefer to watch a video when learning about a product or service
  • 78% of people watch at least one video online each day
  • Veiwer’s of video can retain up to 95% of a videos information
  • 93% of businesses gain customers when posting a video
  • Companies that utilize video grow at a 49% greater rate than those who don’t

When the logic and numbers are telling the same story – it’s time to pay attention.   It’s possible that if you are not using video right now, the issue you might not know how to utilize video in your business.   So here are five ways you can use video in your business right now:

Product or Service Video

The quickest way to explain your product or service is by explaining its advantage in a video.

If you have a product to demo – here are some ways to use video to demo it:

  • Show most common uses
  • If product needs assembly – show the assembly and a quick demo of how it works
  • Any alternative uses, show them off
  • Show how to care for the product

If you have a service:

  • an overview of the service
  • step by step what the service is
  • walk through of all the top benefits your customer will receive

Testimonial Videos

Customers who are happy with your service are the best natural sales people.   The advantage with a customer testimonial is that they have no vested interest in your business

Almost everyone of your customers have a phone with a camera on it.   That means, they are all capable of creating a true, heart-felt testimonial for your business.

The more natural the video, the more persuasive it will be.

Brand Video

A brand video can be a great introduction to your business for your potential market.  It does not need to be overly complicated.

  • introduce the business
  • show off your store front (or performance of your service)
  • Show off staff
  • Give all the important details – location – contact info
  • Use a simple call to action

Frequently Asked Question

If your customers or potential customers are asking the same question over and over again, why not answer it.

Again you can keep this simple.  Use a cell phone or a web-cam and get to work.   State the frequent question and then answer it.

In addition to looking professional, this can also be a huge time saver.  Now that you answered the common questions, anytime someone asks the question again, just refer them to the video.

Client Communication

Want to go the extra mile for your customer?  Why not provide them with a personalized video that address anything that might be holding them back from being a customer.

While this might not be practical on a large scale, there will be plenty of opportunity to utilize this method.   If you are trying to close a deal – a personalized video will help your potential client see your sinsartiy of your offer.

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